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How to measure a carpet

Measuring your room can seem daunting but it is really quite simple. To start with, you just need a pen, paper, tape measure and calculator.

When measuring the room always ensure that you keep the carpets running in the same direction to maintain texture, pattern and colour consistency. If you change the direction then the pattern, texture and the pile of the carpets could reflect the light differently.
You must measure the room width and length at it’s widest point noting any bay windows or door entrances.
Once you have taken the measurements, simply add 10cm on all sides to allow for cutting during laying.
When you have the room width you need to ensure that it is less than the width of the carpet you are planning to buy, in order to avoid any joins. For example if the room width is 4.5 meter wide and the carpet you are buying is available in 4 meter and 5 meter widths then you should buy the 5 meter wide product.